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Educational Model

1- Parents really matter
Being part of Coas, Erain Txiki and the rest of schools have very clear that parents are the essential responsible of their children education and that school collaborates in this task in a delegating way. The pupil educative goals are only achieved if the relationship between school and family works.
The school encourages participation of Erain Txiki parents through parents association and the married couples in charge of the classes. In order to involve parents to collaborate jointly with the school educational project and help each other to take care of the education of their children.

2- Personalized education
In our school each pupil and his/her parents have the benefit of a personalized treatment. This is achieved by having individual tutorial meetings and this is what makes us different from other educational centres around us.
The tutor informs the parents through an appropriate monitoring, of the progress and adaptation of the pupil to school, his/her learning and the relationship with his classmates.

Parents and tutor have a meeting at least 3 times a year. Nevertheless, if the parents need another meeting, they can ask for it. In these meetings it is very interesting not only to have a sincere dialogue but also to work closely together with the school to ensure the child educative goals.


3- Teacher staff formation
In Erain Txiki it´s known that teachers better formation reverts in pupils´ better formation and also encourages the achievement of a greater level of excellence.
Coas Educational Group prepares a formative seminar for the teachers of each centre, annually.

Coas Educative Group has developed several lines of pedagogical innovation. Therefore, Coas counts with an ongoing assessment of renowned experts in several fields such as pedagogy, neurology, languages, mathematics, civic education, theology and tic of different educational centres all around the world. An special mention to Harvard University, Boston National Centre for Teaching Thinking, Navarra university, Barcelona Medical Institute for the Childhood Development, Villanueva University, Teachers school of University of Deusto, British Council and The French Embassy.

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